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A Warm Welcome From

Hannah Stevens

Thank you for visiting our website. We are very excited to offer you a little insight into life at Mabe Primary School.

Our children can start with us at 3 years old in our mixed Nursery and Early Years unit and continue their school journey at Mabe until they leave us in Year 6, aged 11. By the time our pupils leave us in Year 6 they will have developed into confident and happy young people who are well prepared for secondary school and life beyond.

As you make your way around our website, we hope that you will see how our school values complement our Trust’s Core Shared Values of Strength, Wisdom and Courage, and how our pupils and staff always strive for excellence by living out our Trust Philosophy of ‘work hard, be honest & help others’.

Everything we do at Mabe Primary School is about being aspirational so that our children are motivated and energised to fulfil their potential and feel empowered to reach for whichever star, or taking whichever path it is that catches their attention in life.

 Our website can only show you a small snippet of what our children experience here, so we would love to have you visit our school to see for it in action for yourself.

If you would like to visit, or have any queries, please do not hesitate in contacting our school office on 01326 372662 or sending an email to

Hannah Stevens


Our Ethos & Values

At Mabe we inspire and support every child to be the best that they can be, in every area of their learning and personal development.

We achieve this through our 5 key values:

Community: We contribute positively to our local community within our school, our village and the world beyond Mabe.

Cooperation: We aspire for everyone to be successful both as individual and together; this requires us to work together, compromise and share.

Commitment: We believe in doing our best and working hard in all our endeavours.

Courage: We boldly face challenges and support each other through difficult moments in our learning and our lives.

Compassion: We care for and support one another, and are motivated to act to make a better world.

These 5 values are woven though our curriculum, learning behaviours and the culture at Mabe School.

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