Wraparound Care and School Clubs

Breakfast Club

8am to 8:45am daily, breakfast club offers games, play, reading/homework support for children from Reception Year.

Breakfast (cereal, toast and juice) is also provided.

8am - 8:45am

£3 per child, £2.25 per sibling

Afterschool Club

3:15 - 6pm daily, afterschool club offers a variety of activities including art, sports, film night and reading/homework support. Available for children from Reception Year. Snacks and drinks provided.
3:15pm - 4pm
£3 per child £2.25 per sibling
3:15pm - 5pm
£6.50 per child £4.90 per sibling
3:15pm - 6pm
£11 per child £8.25 per sibling

Breakfast and afterschool must be booked and paid for by the Thursday prior to the week you are requesting.

For more details and a booking form, please speak to Mrs McCarthy in the office. 

Clubs: Autumn Term 2019

Mabe School offers pupils a selection of clubs across the academic year. These range from surfing through to choir. Each term, a form will be sent home detailing the clubs available and any associated costs. Whilst many of our clubs are 'in house,' we do have links to external groups, such as the Helford River Trust and Shore Surf based at Gwithian.
Clubs give children the opportunity to engage in activities that are not necessarily part of their day to day school experiences. They also provide our pupils with the chance to mix with peers outside their of their own classes.
Clubs available to children at Mabe School during the Autumn Term are:
Choir (Years 4, 5 & 6) led by Mrs Champion (3:15 - 4:15pm)
Football (Years 4, 5 & 6) led by Mr Cruse (3:15 - 4:15pm)
Netball Club (Years 4, 5 & 6) led by Mrs Moody & Mrs Robinson (3:15 - 4:00pm)

Club Reports
Sailing Club (with Helford River Charitable Sailing Trust) 
Unfortunately, due to staffing issues, Helford River Children's Sailing Trust are unable to offer sessions for the Autumn Term. They are very disappointed (as are we) and have made every effort to rectify the issues but it has not been possible. As a charity, it is their core purpose to provide opportunities for children to expand their life experiences and learn skills on the water and the are looking forward to being able to providethese during the summer sessions in 2020.

12th July 2019

We were very lucky to have yet another gorgeous day down on the river, but without our partner school and reduced numbers we had a brilliant time. This weeks' Sailor of the Week is Luke, for taking part and having fun.

4th July 2019

This week we had to get into mixed groups with Wendron and rig and sail the Picos around a triangular course in the river, with everyone taking turns and sharing the roles in each boat. We then had to practise the capsize procedures which hugely improved the confidence of the children - and it was alot of fun. Well done everyone - I could not single any one person out for Sailor of the Week because they were all amazing.

14th June 2019

The whole group were split into 5 mixed ability/school groups this week and took part in a mini triathlon! paddling out to the pontoon in the river, kayaking to another beach, running back to the start point then the second round involved taking masts and rigging on the kayaks out to the pontoon, rigging their boats and getting to the second beach, another run back to the start where the boats now where to de-rig and put away. It was a mammoth exercise but all the children had a lot of fun, all fully participating in all aspects of the activity.

7th June 2019

When we left Mabe we thought that we wouldn't be able to sail as there was no wind and it was threatening to rain. Once down on the Helford the skies were clear and conditions perfect for sail! The more experienced sailors were given a challenging course out in the river to negotiate with the beginners practising their tacking skills closer to the shore. There was some excellent team work from all the children in putting the boats away. This is where Kate always excels and is, therefore, this weeks'

"Sailor of the Week".

24th May 2019

This week we sailed in teams right across the river. Unfortunately the wind dropped once we got near the other side and some of us paddled the rest of the way. We sailed back to Porth Sawsen beach where after we had de-rigged the boats, we tested out buoyancy jackets and had a swim in the crystal clear water. Sailor of the week goes to an entire team for sheer determination to get across the river - Amelia, Isla, Poppy and Megan.

17th May 2019

A very lumpy swell meant that this week we retreated to the calm waters of Port Navas creek, where we learned new kayaking strokes and played tag. This weeks' sailor of the week goes to Jacob for giving Martin a soaking!

10th May 2019

We were ferried over the other side of the Helford to a sunny, sheltered cove, where we had a really fun kayaking session. All abilities learned new skills and then enjoyed playing tag games. Lots of teamwork and helpful children. Sailor of the week this week is again a joint award, to Sarah and Jessica, both beginners, but both making the most of the opportunity to kayak, having a go at all the challenges and having so much fun!

3rd May 2019

A pleasant evening spent sailing on the Helford, the light winds proved challenging at times for the more experienced sailors but all adapted well. The beginners were able to sail independently for the first time under the constant supervision of safety boats and instructors - sailing out into the river and tacking to return to the beach. One part of the new assessment of their skills is being confident in their buoyancy jackets and there was not hesitation at the end of the session when they were asked to float in the sea, every enjoyed a bob about in the sea and a quick swim. Well done everyone!

This weeks sailors of the week were nominated by Jack and are James and Caspian.

27th April 2019

A glorious start to the season, when we left Mabe it was rather drab, but as soon as we got to the Helford River we were met with blue skies and sunshine, it was however, rather blustery. The wind made our first session a challenging one, but as always our experienced sailors rose to the challenge and completed the courses set. Our new sailors were on the beach learning about the part of the boat and their function. They even managed to rig and de-rig a boat themselves and had time to learn how to tack and managed at least a couple of turns on the water. Well done everyone!

Sailor of the Week - Wilfred for being so helpful, kind and thoughtful in all areas.

3rd October 2018

Sadly our last week of sailing. A slightly foggy and damp session was boosted by being in the Picos and having the addition of a gib on the front. We were in mixed teams in each boat with Wendron School, sailing a triangular course around the buoys in the river. Well done everyone single sailor you all deserve sailor of the week!

Thank you to all the parents who have supported us. A huge thank you to all at the HRCST who make such a difference to so many children and especially to Jack Frost, who has continue to help us even though his children left Mabe School many moons ago.

Sailing begins again at the start of the Summer Term 2019.

26th September 2018

One of the best days sailing this year. Beautiful weather but only a gentle breeze meant that the sailing was slower than some would have liked, but we sailed from Porth Saxon to Ponscence Cove and back to Grebe Beach. Super team work when putting the Picos away from everyone, but especially Isla who carried on helping other boats when hers was already stowed away.

Well done everyone - one more week to go!

19th September 2018

Due to the high winds and poor conditions this week we had a chance to have a theory lesson with Sammy and Helen at the Ferryboat. The children learned the parts of a boat and the rigging; some new knots; the theory behind turning and stopping safely; hazards; what to do if they cap-size (though some had learned this from experience last term!) and how to count to 5 in Japanese! This weeks sailor of the week goes to Kate for her expertise with knots; her answers to the questions and her politeness when asking for something.

12th September 2018

A new term and new experiences for some of our intrepid sailors. I am so proud of all the sailors for their strong sense of team work in both groups and their positive attitude and enthusiasm. No wind meant that we were kayaking off Manacan this week. This weeks sailor of the week is Jacob, for his excitement and have a go attitude. Well done Jacob, keep it up!

25th April 2018

We were spoilt last week with the brilliant conditions, this week although it was mainly dry we had a few heavy April showers and a very strong wind to contend with. The sailors valiantly competed in a relay race, mixed in with Wendron School. There were quite a few capsizes, but Isla and Raffi in particular coped very well with theirs, now they know that they are safe and all that happens is they get wet! Sailor of the week this week is Raffi, for being confident and having a go against more experienced opponents and still having fun!

18th April 2018

Brilliant conditions for the first session of the year. Some children had never sailed so always a day filled with anticipation and sometimes doubt. The support and encouragement that the more experienced children gave was amazing. I was very proud of all of them.

This weeks sailor of the week is James for sticking with it and having a go even though he was not feeling to happy about, even after the first trip from the beach on a safety rope, however, he kept persevering and at the end of the session he emerged from the Opi with an enormous smile right across his face and said that he "loved it". Well done to all of them, let's hope the weather is kind to us this year and we can have many more sessions like Wednesday. Many thanks, as always, to the Helford River Childrens Sailing Trust for all that they do.

Sailing Awards

Congratulations to the following sailors for RYA Youth Sailing Scheme

Stage 1


Stage 2