Sandpiper's News Archive

Friday 21st June

Things have taken a nautical turn this week in Sandpipers, and the children have been learning about Christopher Columbus’ voyage of 1492. They have been creating diary entries recording the sailors’ experiences of landing in the Americas, and writing questions that they would ask Columbus and his crew about their journey and discoveries.

We have also continued our Talk for Writing unit based on Commotion in the Ocean, this week focusing on rhyming words. This resulted in some of the children coming up with some excellent little rhymes, which were shared with the class for all of us to enjoy.

Maths has been a continuation of our work on number and place value, this week looking at ordering numbers and identifying 1 more and 1 less than a given number. The children have been using number lines and 100 squares to support their learning, and several of them wanted to have the 100 squares out again this afternoon in choosing time.

We have been getting excited about sports day next week (weather permitting!) and our trip to the beach the following week. Please see the newsletter for details about sports day, and can any remaining permission slips for the beach trip please be brought in on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Friday 13th June

This week in Sandpipers class we have been busy reading our featured text, Commotion in the Ocean. The children have begun to learn a selection of the poems which make up this beautiful and engaging book. They have devised some actions to accompany the verses they are learning, and have all copied a text map of these into their books. I am sending home a copy of the text map with the children this afternoon, so that they can practise at home and show you the actions.

In our topic work, we have begun to look at the life of the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. The children have been looking at the differences between life in 1492 and life today, and have been learning the background to the great voyages of discovery made by Columbus. More of this next week…

Our maths lesson has been focused on number and place value this week, with the children developing their understanding of numbers to 100, and comparing numbers using the symbols =, < and >. The children have used a range of mathematical resources to help them to get to grips with 10s and 1s and build their fluency with numbers during the week. Well done Sandpipers!

Friday 7th June

This week we have launched our new topic, ‘Stories of the Sea’. The children have loved exploring our new ‘Under the Sea’ role play area, and we have had a week of fascinating facts as the children have shared all sorts of things that they already know about sea creatures and explorers. In our literacy sessions the children produced some great writing as a way of recording all this amazing information.

We will be developing our topic through geography and history learning which focuses on exploration, and we have got started this week with activities involving identification of oceans and continents. This will set the scene for us as we go on to look at one particular famous explorer over the next few weeks.

In science this week we recorded our observations of the seasons as we move into summer. This included an interesting discussion about day length across the year, which is something that you could continue to talk about at home in the context of the lighter evenings and mornings of June.

The children all did a brilliant job at our sports day practice. Please make sure that they have their PE kit and trainers ready to go for the real thing on Tuesday 11th June (weather permitting!).

Friday 24th May

We have been very fortunate with the weather again this week, as it has been perfect for us to be outside testing the beautiful carp kites that the Sandpipers have been designing and making. Having tested their creations, the children completed an evaluation of what they had made, identifying changes they would make to the design to improve it if they were to make the kites again. It has been lovely to see the children so caught up in the design-make-evaluate process: a sunny and colourful end to our Incredible Inventions topic!

In English we began the week with a discussion about what each of the children thought was the ‘Best Invention Ever’. The ideas were really flowing, and we ended up with a whole range of ideas including beds, lighthouses, wheelchairs, train tracks and footballs! The children then went on to complete an independent writing activity in which they each described the invention they thought the best ever, explaining what it is for, how it is used, and why it is so important.

Maths has been all about finding quarters this week, building on the learning about halves which was done last week. The children have made quarters of pizzas, quarters of a range of shapes, and finally found quarters of numbers. We have used a range of practical activities and resources to support this learning, as well as accessing the relevant section on Mathletics.

Wishing you all a happy and fun half term!

Friday 17th May

Helicopters and hover-bikes have been on the agenda in Sandpipers Class this week in our topic and science learning. The children watched a film about how some engineers had designed a new mode of transport- the hover- bike- and saw how they were testing out their design. We followed this up by investigating which type of paper was best for making a paper helicopter with rotors. The children made predictions, cut out and made prototypes and then conducted a test to judge which material had been most effective. They then wrote up their results and compared them to the predictions they had made.

In maths we have moved on to our unit on Fractions. We have been exploring how to find a half of objects, shapes and numbers. We began by cutting some cakes in half (which we later enjoyed sharing for a snack)! We made some paper plate pizzas and then cut them carefully in half, before going on to look at how to cut shapes in half. Following this, we looked at finding half of a number, in terms of sharing equally between 2.

In English we have been looking carefully at our ‘sound families’ and playing lots of games using our phonics knowledge. We have been working hard on our sentence writing skills, practising using the word ‘and’ to join ideas.

Also this week we have spent some time thinking about all of the things that make us happy, and the children each filled up a ‘Happy Jar’ picture. Helping children to identify their emotions is so important for their well-being, and this activity certainly made us all smile!

Friday 10th May

Having waited patiently for some rain to fill the rain gauges we made last week, the Sandpipers were finally rewarded this week with a couple of good downpours! This practical application of our Incredible Inventions topic ties in with our focus on scientists and inventors, and is a simple but effective way of the children being involved in making and using their own instrument for predicting, measuring and observing: lots of excellent scientific skills at work! Alongside this practical investigation, we have been inspired this week by learning about Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman to go into space We found out about how she achieved her dream of becoming an astronaut, and then the children each wrote some questions that they would like to ask her about her career.

This activity worked in well alongside our literacy work, which involved the children using questions they had devised to interview a friend, gathering information to write a fact sheet about them. Many of the children have writing targets related to using question marks and writing sentences, which they have been working hard on in these activities.

Maths this week has been exploring basic division concepts- making equal groups from within a larger set, and sharing items out fairly. These ideas of equal groups and sharing are foundational for building division skills, and the children have been exploring these ideas using a range of practical activities, recording their findings in simple sentence form. We have also used Mathletics to support the learning in this, and again I would encourage you help your child to access this from home if you get the chance.

Friday 3rd May

This week Sandpipers have been looking at information texts in the form of fact sheets. As well as writing some lovely fact sheets about themselves, the children have used this format to learn about Alexander Graham Bell and the invention of the telephone.

Alongside a fact sheet about the inventor, we also watched a clip from the BBC, which can be found at:

This has fed into our ongoing theme of incredible inventions, and our inventing room wall is filling up with all kinds of designs and models which show off your children’s amazing imaginations!

In maths we have continued to work on our multiplication and division unit. These new concepts have been a bit of a stretch for some of the children, and they have all been working really hard to get to grips with them. The Mathletics section on this is very supportive of what the children have been learning in class, and we have been accessing this at school with them. You can get on to your child’s Mathletics account at home using the log on details inside the cover of their reading records.

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend!

Friday 26th April

Welcome back to all of our Sandpipers, who this week have transformed from last term’s chefs to this term’s inventors. We are very excited to be spending the next five weeks looking at some famous inventions and inventors, as well as some that are a bit more whacky!

We launched our topic on Monday by watching Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers (currently available in BBC iplayer), and discussing some of the inventions in the film. The children then came up with some of their own invention ideas, which they have been busy drawing and writing about.

In English, the children have been writing accounts of their holiday news, and developing their use of the word ‘and’ to join words and ideas. Some of the children have been busy using a dictionary to look up meanings of words this week, and we have been recapping on some of our phonics and learning our new spelling lists, too.

Our maths focus this week was the beginning of our unit on multiplication and division. The children have been counting in 10s, 5s and 2s, something which is easy to practise with them at home.

I hope you were all suitably impressed with the bean plants that came home with the children in the middle of the week! Please do keep me posted on how you get on with these at home- they will need tall stakes and plenty of water, and planting into a larger pot or vegetable patch in order to thrive. Any pictures of them will be very welcome; I think they will be taller than the children before long!

Friday 5th April

Well, that’s the end of another busy term! The Sandpipers have all coped really well with their end of term ‘quizzes’ this week, and we have balanced the completion of these with plenty of art work and our last blast of cooking.

The children have been looking at flower paintings by artist Georgia O’Keefe, and have used water colours to recreate their own versions of these beautiful pictures. We spent some time exploring how to use water colour paints before drawing our own large flowers and painting these in a range of colours. It was lovely to watch the children working with these paints and exploring ways to use their brushes do draw out the colours across their designs. I will be using their finished paintings to make a large garden display, which will look beautiful.

We have all had a great time delving into our Food Glorious Food topic this term, which we finished off this week by making some chocolate rice crispy cakes. I hope you all enjoyed your samples! The children are all now very inspired about cooking, so perhaps you will have some little helpers for your Easter lunches this year!

Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful holiday.

Friday 29th March

We have been on a world tour of food this week in Sandpipers class, looking at all sorts of foods from different countries. The children shared their own facts about foods they knew from all around the world, and then we have developed this through watching some more clips from the My World Kitchen series on BBC iPlayer. The children have all really enjoyed these clips, and they are available online if you are interested in watching further episodes together.

We have made the most of the beautiful sunshine this week by having our maths lessons outside. This has been perfect for us, because our focus this week was on measuring capacity, which we have been exploring using a range of sizes of containers to fill and measure using water. Our ‘splashy maths’ sessions have been really fun and practical, and the children have enjoyed their outdoor learning. Our activities included an investigation into whose water bottle had the greatest capacity, and measuring the capacity of school storage trays using non-standard measures (eg how many cups of water do we need to fill this up to the top?).

The children have been busy in their English lessons learning how to write instructions, and this week they have all written instructions for how to make a sandwich. This was based on their practical experience of sandwich making from a couple of weeks ago. They all worked really hard to present their instructions clearly using a title, a list of items needed, and a series of numbered steps.

Please remember to bring a donation of an Easter egg for our raffle at the end of next week. Children can buy raffle tickets in class for 50p a strip.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend, and I hope all you amazing mums have a very special Mother’s day!

Friday 22nd March

Our young chefs in Sandpipers class have been busy learning to chop fruit carefully to make a fruit salad this week. We had some very beautiful plates of fruit prepared and sampled in class, as the photos below will show. All of the children have very much enjoyed our food preparation experiences so far this term, and we have one more to come the week after next, so watch out for news of this at a later date.

Picking up on our food theme, we have been thinking about where our food comes from. This has involved planting beans as part of our science work this week, which we will observe in class to see how they grow. We have also been discussing different types of food from around the world, and to support this alongside our fruity theme this week, the children have watched an episode of ‘My World Kitchen’ on BBC iplayer, in which they got to see a little girl from New Zealand using kiwi fruit to make a delicious pavlova for her friends.

Also relating to our food theme, we have been playing the game ‘I went to the shops and I bought…’, which the children have really enjoyed. This is a great game for developing working memory skills which are a huge benefit to children in their learning. One to try on a car journey or when you are out for walk!

Our maths has connected nicely to our topic this week, with the children exploring weight and mass, using the scales to balance items. They have gone on to use non-standard measures to compare the weight of objects. This has been really fun and interesting for the children, and great for joining up their concepts with weighing out ingredients for cooking.

Also linking in well is our literacy work, where we have now turned our attention to instruction texts, with particular reference to recipes. The children have been noting the key features of an instruction text, which so far have included title, list of items and numbered steps. We began the week by completing some small lego kits by following the instructions, and have gone on now to begin looking at a recipe for chocolate crispy cakes (a little hint there at what our last cooking session might involve….).

Have a great weekend- see you all on Monday

Friday 15th March

This week the Sandpipers have gone on to develop their skills in the kitchen. Following our pasty making extravaganza last week, this week the children have been practising making sandwiches using a range of fillings. Thank you so much to everyone for sending in your child’s choice of fillings. The focus of this activity was on safe food preparation- hand washing, handling a butter knife, safe passing of the knife, spreading of the butter on the bread (this takes a surprising amount of coordination!) and careful cutting of the bread. The children all enjoyed taking part in this activity and it is an easy one to carry on practising with them at home. There is also the added benefit of enjoying eating our sandwiches and chatting together afterwards, which is obviously great for social development!

In maths the children have been working on measuring, and have gone on this week to begin measuring in cm using a ruler. They have really worked hard and enjoyed practising using a ruler carefully and reading the numbers to find their measurement. Again, this is an easy thing for the children to carry on practising at home- all you need is a ruler, and they can go off measuring all sorts of items around your home!

Regarding Mathletics, we are aware that there have been some problems with children accessing the site this week, and our ICT whizzes are working to resolve this!

In English the children have really impressed us this week with their story writing, based on the tale of The Gingerbread Man. All of the children are working so hard to develop their writing skills, and we are seeing great progress.

Have a great weekend!

Friday 8th March

Wow- what a fantastic week we have had in Sandpipers Class this week! Our Food, Glorious Food topic is providing us with opportunities to learn about, taste and even cook so many delicious things! Our focus this week has been on Cornish food, to tie in with St Piran’s day on Tuesday. We have learned about lots of food that is special to Cornwall, as well as looking at the range of foods that are grown and farmed in our county, or caught in the waters around us. We tried some Saffron Buns on Tuesday, and some of the children found that they really enjoyed them despite not having tried them before. Today was our grand finale to the week, which was to attempt a mass pasty bake in the classroom. All of the children joined in to make and roll out their pastry, and then had a go at carefully peeling some of the potato to go inside their pasty. They then added their fillings to their pastry, and we watched our special guests at work showing us how a traditional crimp is done to seal the pasty. This was a brilliant experience, and we are so grateful to Caroline (Fred’s mum) and Grandma for coming in to help us, and for donating all of the ingredients. It was definitely a very authentic Cornish experience!

Our English work has also had a foody focus this week, with the children coming up for alternative characters to replace the gingerbread man in our traditional tales. Lots of very imaginative stories have been planned, ready for writing next week.

We have been doing lots of practical work in maths this week, as we have begun our measuring unit by comparing length and height, and beginning to measure using non-standard units. The children have enjoyed these very practical learning activities, and we will be continuing next week with moving on to measuring carefully with a ruler.

I hope the pasty treats went down well, and that we might see some of you tomorrow for the ‘Ramble for Ruth’ walk. Have a lovely weekend!

Friday 1st March

What a beautiful week we have had to welcome us back to school. Very fitting for us, too, since in our science work this week the children were identifying signs of the coming of Spring, which might potentially have been a little tricky if we had had a repeat of last year’s weather patterns! Instead, conditions have been perfect, and the children recorded some great observations in their science books.

We have begun our new topic this week, ‘Food, Glorious Food’, kicking off with thinking anout diet as part of a healthy lifestyle. The children have selected foods which they would put in a healthy lunch box, and have linked this to other elements of healthy living, including exercise, regular sleep patterns and finding ways to ‘stay happy’. Next week we will be focusing our learning on Cornish food and produce, to coincide with St Piran’s day on Tuesday.

In maths we have completed our learning block on Number and Place Value (to 50), with a first look at counting in 2s and in 5s. If you want to support this learning at home, you could include your children in activities such as sorting and pairing socks, counting each pair in 2s to find out how many socks there are altogether.

We have begun our literacy unit on The Gingerbread Man this week, and the children have really enjoyed the story text (a copy of which has come home in book bags today). We have already sequenced the story, writing captions for pictures that were put in the correct order, and today we were busy thinking of questions that we might ask the characters in the story. Some of the children had a go at being in the ‘hot seat’, taking on the role of one of the characters to answer questions that the children had thought of. They then wrote down some of their questions, being careful to add question marks at the end of each one.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and will see you all on Monday.
Friday 15th February

The highlight of our week this week was obviously our trip to Newquay Zoo! We had a fascinating workshop about animal habitats at the start of our visit (ask your children about the amazing artic fox!), and then after lunch we went around the zoo spotting all kinds of animals, some of which have featured heavily in our African Adventure topic this half term. We even saw some special pigs at the zoo which have made their way there from the farm of one of our very own class members! Thank you so much to Caroline Dunstan and Anna Julian for being our parent helpers on the trip.

Following up from the zoo visit, the children have been learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores in their science lessons this week, sorting animals into groups and learning the meaning of these scientific terms.

In English, we have rounded off our learning based on Handa’s Surprise by identifying some of the adjectives in the story. The children have been having a go at using adjectives in their own creative writing, with some excellent stories being written.

Maths has been focused on comparing groups of objects and numbers, using the terms greater than, less that and equal too. This has involved lots of practical maths as well as some tricky problems.

The children are all seeming ready for their holiday now, finishing the week with the fun of Pyjama Day. Thank you so much for all the donations that were brought in towards the Mermaid Centre. I wish you all a happy and restful half term!

Friday 8th February

This week the Sandpipers have been busy with a ‘journey’ theme running through our topic, literacy and science learning. We have been looking at the idea of a journey as a theme in our Handa’s Surprise story, and taking that as a basis for developing ideas for our own ‘Journey Stories’. The children came up with lots of fun and imaginative ideas, which they will be writing up next week as the final exercise in our study of this text. In our topic work, we compared the African setting of Handa’s journey to her friend’s house, with some of the geographical features we might see on a journey from our own houses to visit one of our friends. Fewer elephants and more traffic lights seemed to be part of the general picture! Our science activity involved the children recapping on previous work around our 5 senses, which they then thought about in the context of their journey to school each day- what did they see, hear, feel, smell and taste on the way from home to school?

In maths we have this week begun a new 3 week learning block on ‘Number and Place Value’, this time looking at numbers to 50. This week we have been looking at a range of representations of ‘tens’ and ‘units’, and really spending some time making sure that the children are clear on what each digit represents in numbers to 50. This has included lots of work with a range of maths equipment, including straws, base 10, numicon and 10 frames. Children’s understanding of this has been extended as usual through a range of reasoning and problem solving questions. If you would like to get a flavour of the content of this unit, you are very welcome to pop in and have a look at the maths display in the classroom.

Next week we will be finishing our African Adventure topic with our visit to Newquay Zoo on Tuesday. Remember please to send children with a packed lunch and drink, and warm and waterproof clothing. The children are very excited- we had a scale model of Newquay Zoo made of lego being built by a crew of children this afternoon during Golden Time!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Friday 1st February

We have had another busy and eventful week in Sandpipers Class! Although the sudden snowfall yesterday caused a little bit of a crazy end to the day, the excitement among the children when they saw it coming down was so lovely. Then today’s Number Day activities on top of that have meant that we have had a really interesting and exciting end to the week. This has fed into our circle time activities this week, which have been focusing on identifying our different emotions and talking about how we express these. The children have been really good at talking about the range of emotions we can feel in different situations. This kind of activity is so positive for the children, in that it develops self-awareness and self-confidence in naming and expressing their feelings.

Number Day today gave us the opportunity to show visiting parents some of the ways that we approach our maths learning in school, and the children really enjoyed the opportunity to share their final day of learning on Addition and Subtraction with some of their parents. This involved consolidation activities using all of the maths resources the children have available daily in the classroom, including a focused reasoning and problem solving activity on the theme of setting up a pet shop! Thank you to all of our parents who supported the day today.

In our topic learning this week we have been comparing the life of a child in Kenyan village with our lives here in Cornwall. The children were really good at spotting the similarities and differences between the two; one of the most exciting differences was that the child in our video clip had giraffes and elephants roaming about near her house! We have also continued to learn our ‘Jambo’ song- thanks to all of you that have been practising this with your children at home.

One of the aspects of English that we have looked at this week has been putting words in alphabetical order. We started by putting the children in alphabetical order by first name, and the children then had a range of activities to work at to develop this idea. If you have the chance to do any ordering of words/objects alphabetically at home, that would really support this learning- the children all really enjoyed working on this at school this week.

Friday 25th January

Mountains, volcanos, beaches, savannah, cities and villages were just some of the types of landscapes that the children have visited this week as part of our African Adventure topic. On Tuesday we also began learning a song in kiSwahili (the language of Kenya), which the children have been humming and singing to themselves around the classroom. I know that several of them have attempted to share this with you at home, and to give you the opportunity to join in with them (or to support them in learning the words!), here is a link to the song :

Maths has been focused again on developing subtraction skills, and the children have been practising how to ‘find the difference’ between 2 numbers using towers of cubes, and linking this to their existing knowledge of counting back on a number line. Making links between strategies is a key part of developing mastery, and can throw up some unexpected challenges sometimes- great for stretching our thinking! We have also been looking at using bar-modelling as way to represent our calculations. If you would like to know more about these methods then do come and have a chat.

Our spelling focus this week is on the ‘er’ digraph, and we have been embedding knowledge of this in class in a range of ways. In our English learning we have been having a go at making predictions about what might happen next at the end of our Handa’s surprise story, based on our knowledge of the story characters and settings. The children came up with some great ideas!

Friday 18th January

This week in Sandpipers class we have been off in our safari jeeps with our sketch pads, touring the national parks and making notes of what we have seen! This active learning experience has formed part of our topic and science learning about animals and their habitats. The children have also been describing animals by looking at and comparing their body parts (eg wings, tail, beak, fins etc). We had a treat on Thursday when the children were able to join in with the nursery to have a look at a real baby python that was brought in by one of our nursery parents!

Our literacy learning has tied in with our Africa/animals theme as we have continued to look at our key text, Handa’s Surprise. This week we have been focusing on ordering and sequencing the events of the story, and writing sentences based to describe the story and setting. We are also focusing on good recall and use of digraphs (eg ‘ai’, ‘oy’ etc) when reading words, and looking at split digraphs as well (eg ‘o-e’ in rope). Many of the children have a phonics- focused reading target for this term, so if you would like any more information about how we teach phonics or how to support your child with this, please come in to arrange a time to chat.

In maths we have begun to work on subtracting using a range of methods, including number lines and ‘take away’ stories, as well as 10 frames. You can support them in their learning by helping them to understand and recall number bonds to 10 (eg 1+9=10, 2+8=10 etc). These number bonds provide an essential knowledge base for the children when it comes to making calculations and developing their ability to reason using numbers.

As mentioned above, the children have been set new targets for this term, based on their own progress and development so far. Targets are set for writing, reading, maths and personal development. Please be aware that this target setting exercise is not in any way supposed to be a way to put pressure on the children. They are more a means of allowing the children to see and celebrate their own progress at this stage, which happens in a range of ways in school. As the children go through the school, they take a much more active role in setting and writing their own targets, but at this stage the targets are set by me according to what is appropriate and achievable for the children. Discussions with the children about these targets has happened in a very low-key and informal way. Please could you comment and sign at the bottom of the page for this terms targets, and return to school after the weekend.

Friday 11th January

We have had a fantastic start to our half term this week, introducing our African Adventure topic to the children. They have all engaged with a great deal of enthusiasm with the themed activities around the classroom, including our safari jeep role play area and animal themed book corner.

In our literacy work we have begun our learning based on the lovely story of Handa’s Surprise. The children have been developing their inference skills by studying the beautiful illustrations carefully, and we have been busy developing our use of question marks by writing questions we would like to ask Handa. One or two of the children were brave enough get into role as Handa and try to answer some of the questions the children had written. This ‘hot-seating’ exercise is great for speaking and listening skills, as well as encouraging the children to develop their more complex thinking skills about texts that they read.

In maths we have begun to work on our addition and subtraction to 20 unit. A key part of this involves the children using their knowledge of number bonds to 10 to go further and look at ways to make 20. One way you can support them in their learning in this is to practise ways to make 10 with them at home, as we are aiming for quick recall of these facts.

Our topic work has included locating Africa on a world map, and an initial look at some of the animals that might be encountered on a Safari. We also looked together at a clip of some African drumming and dancing (a bit of vintage Blue Peter- you can find it here ). We followed this up by making our own call and response drum beats in class. The children have also had a go at making some lion head paintings, which are looking fabulous and will be appearing around as classroom as the weeks go by.

Friday 14th December

Wow! What a fantastic week we have had, putting on our Christmas performance! The children all did such a great job, especially considering that so many of them have been fighting off various illnesses. They all carried out their roles with real enthusiasm, and I’m sure all of their families are every bit as proud of them as we are at school.

The first part of this week was largely focussed on final preparations for the play. For the rest of the week have taken it a little easier in class, finishing off our remaining assessment tasks in amongst various Christmas themed activities. The children’s assessments are carried out very informally, and we call them ‘quizzes’ about what we have been learning. Information from these termly assessments is used to inform planning and highlight for us any areas which need to be focussed on for the children. As you will be aware, as the children go on through the school, there are statutory assessments that they have to complete. So while we keep the ‘quiz’ activities very low key at this stage, it is useful for the children to begin to be familiar with some of the formats that they will see questions presented in later on.

Next week we have our Christmas party on Tuesday afternoon, and our Christmas lunch on Wednesday. We will be squeezing in some writing activities about how we each celebrate Christmas in our own homes, and looking at the similarities and differences in our family traditions. Maths will be Christmas themed consolidation of this term’s learning. There will also be plenty of glitter in the classroom as we complete some Christmas arts and crafts.

Have a lovely weekend!
Friday 7th December

The Sandpipers classroom is beginning to look very festive now, with our stockings advent calendar and Christmas tree all set up. We will be continuing to add more decorations and sparkles over the next week or two as we head towards the end of term. Play preparations are going very well, and we are excited about our performances next week.

Our learning over the next week will be a mix of Christmas themed activities, including consolidation of maths skills learned this term and opportunities for children to demonstrate their developing literacy skills.

Unfortunately this week our class has been hit by a nasty tummy bug. We have been tackling it in school by regularly encouraging children to wash their hands, and reminding them not to put their hands near their mouths, as well as frequent anti-bacterial cleaning of surfaces in the classroom. If parents could make absolutely sure that they keep any poorly children home for the recommended 48 hours after the final episode of vomiting/diarrhoea, then hopefully we will see an end to this soon.

Hoping for a fun and healthy weekend for you all.

Friday 30th November

Another busy week in Sandpipers Class! This week we have done A LOT of singing, what with play practise and preparations for the tree assembly on Monday morning. Please remember to send children in with a homemade decoration to be hung on the tree during this special assembly, which will mean that Christmas is well and truly underway!

We have been pleased to welcome two new friends to Sandpipers this week, and the rest of the class have been fantastic at giving a really warm and friendly welcome.

In maths, the children have been exploring number and place value, beginning to look at the idea of ‘tens’ and ‘ones’. We have used a range of maths resources to help to represent this concept, and practised reading and writing numbers in numerals and words.

Our Literacy work this week has provided the children with the opportunity to come up with their own story ideas based on some of the features of ‘Look Out! It’s the Wolf!’. There were some brilliant and imaginative ideas flying around during our discussion, and the children completed their tasks carefully to show what they had thought of. The Lighthouse has been very busy with everyone working so hard!

During our Phonics workshop sessions this week, one of the children asked me if I could put the link on here for a game they were enjoying playing on the mini i-pads. The phonicsbloom website has several games that you can access without paying a subscription, and they are great for supporting some of the learning we do in class. You can select games from Phase 2 to Phase 5 for your child to play. The particular game I was asked for was:

Have fun!