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Happy New Year Everyone!

What a lovely end of term; I hope that you all enjoyed the brilliant performance of our Nativity scene. We completed the  Talk for Writing Unit on “How to make a dragon” and the children have been learned about writing instruction using persuasive writing in an introduction, writing lists and using “bossy”verbs, then innovating to create their own set of instructions for our own imaginary, mythical creature.

The launch of the Times Table Rockstars meant that we got to dress up for the day. I was very impressed by the effort that everyone went to, with a special mention for Zaak who looked awesome. Although we do not do TTRS in year 1 we did give out all the log ins for Numbots so that the children have an additional resource to support their learning at home. In Maths we learned about 2D and 3D shapes and identifying them in the environment. We also created models of dragons with 2D and 3D shapes in our Little Gems of Learning time. Our next block of learning with maths is Addition and Subtraction with 20.

We have loved having Miss Allen from Penryn College in for our music lesson, we have been learning about tempo, rhythm and pitch. We will be doing more of this with the help of the Oak National Academy during the Lockdown period.

We now move on from “Fire” based to more “Earth” based topics, in the coming weeks we will be learning about Africa – some of the geography of the continent, especially around Kenya. In science we will be looking at animals (including humans). Unfortunately, we will have to postpone our planned trip to Newquay Zoo for obvious reasons. Also postponed is the workshop with Katie  Wallace, who had very kindly offered to bring in a jigsaw body from Treliske to show the children the internal organisation of a human body as part of our Science topic – Animals, including Humans.

Our first Talk for Writing text will be a journey story -  Handa’s Surprise. We will be learning more about sentence structure, identify and use adjectives, identify nouns. We will also start to innovate (change an existing part of the story) moving on to inventing our own story in a couple of weeks.

I was really pleased to see how you have taken to the online learning and adapting it to suit your own circumstances. It was great to hear how you were taking our science lessons out and about and incorporating into your country walks.

Please keep uploading your work and photographs of the activities that you are doing, onto Class Dojo.

I will endeavour to reply to your messages as quickly as I can, but it may take a little longer when I am in school looking after keyworker children.

December 2020

We are coming to the end of a very busy term – but that doesn’t mean that we are easing up! We started our new Talk for Writing Unit on “How to make a dragon” and the children have been learning about writing instruction using persuasive writing in an introduction, writing lists and using “bossy”verbs, over the coming weeks we will begin to innovate on the model text and then invent our own set of instructions for our own imaginary, mythical creature.

In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and identifying them in the environment. In our Little Gems of Learning time we have used 2D and 3D shapes to create models and pictures of dragons. Over the next couple of weeks we will be back to looking at Number and place value in Maths but now within 20 – learning to write the numbers and words correctly, be able to compare numbers and solve word problems.

We have been learning about the Gunpowder Plot in our Topic work, from the reasons behind the plot to the discovery of Guy Fawkes in the cellars and the hunt for the plotters. The children made some great “Wanted” posters for Thomas Percy.

We have loved having Miss Allen from Penryn College in for our music lesson, we have been learning about tempo, rhythm and pitch.

Next term we move away from all things “Fire” based to more “Earth” based topics, we will be learning about Africa – some of the geography of the continent, especially around Kenya. In science we will be looking at animals (including humans) and hopefully visiting Newquay Zoo to see African animals first hand. Our first Talk for Writing text will be a journey  Handa’s Surprise.
January 2020

We have had a busy week in class this week. We have created story maps for our story Handa’s Surprise and we are beginning to get much better at re-telling the story using the story map. In Maths we have been using number lines to subtract and learning to compare number sentences. This term the children have been asked to bring in Show and Tell items that relate to our topic “African Adventure”, last Friday an amazing mask was brought by Isaac and some real gold in its ore from Zambia from Olli. The topic has really excited the childrens’ interests, this week we were using compass directions to find our way around a map of the savanna to discover what animals were there. We have also been finding out about the Maasi tribe and looking at their fabulous necklaces and shields, then creating our own!

Gymnastics with Becks has been awesome, with the children already showing an improvement in confidence and skills.

Thank you to all that were able to come to Number Day, I hope it was beneficial.

Friday 6th December 2019

Tickets for the performance have been sent out, please check book bags in case they haven't been given to you. The children are doing so well with their play performance practice, they are looking forward to the dress rehearsal on Monday and the "Real Thing" on Wednesday, it will be Fab-u-lous!

We have been learning the story of Can't You Sleep Little Bear? in English and next week we will be creating storymaps to support our storytelling. We have now completed our unit on Coding, the children were all able to create an app - making things move, stop and disappear. Our final Computing session this term will be on de-bugging - finding the errors in a programme and correcting them.

In PE we have been continuing our lessons on balance, working cooperatively and following instructions.

Music this week has been purely focused on singing, but Mrs Allen did manage to get some fun games with percussion instruments as a warm up exercise.

Friday 29th November 2019

Thank you to everyone who has signed up for Class Dojo, the children respond really well to receiving them especially now they know that you are seeing that they are doing well in school. Please do not send in messages via this as we may not see them, please contact the school office as usual.

In maths we have been consolidating our number facts to 20 and looking again at shape and time - to the hour and half hour and to deepen our knowledge and understanding we have been solving problems such as "When will I have my tea, if it is 3 o'clock now and I will not be home for 2 and a half hours".

In English we have been looking at the text Can't You Sleep Little Bear, and we will continue with this text next week when we will be looking at the setting and the characters in the story.

For our topic work we have been thinking about the types of cards that we can send people and the occassions when we do. We now have a "Card Factory" in the classroom, where children can choose to make cards when/if we have any "choosing time".

In PE we have been improving our balancing skills, learning to hop scotch and skip, manoeuver around the hall, negotiating space safely and working with partners and small groups.

We have been practising the play at every opportunity and the children are really looking forward to actually performing it for you on the 11th December - not long now!

Friday 15th November 2019

We are so lucky to have the support of Penryn College Music Specialist Miss Allen, she is inspiring the children to compose and perform music using pentatonic scales! We have been creating a story map in our Talk for Writing, innovating on the story of Look Out, It's a Wolf.

In Maths we have been partitioning our numbers and recognising that our numbers from 10 - 20 are made up of one of ten and ones (not referred to as units anymore!).

In our Science lesson we have been looking at the weather and how it is recorded and reported, so don't be surprised if the children ask to see a weather forecast.

We are all recognising the benefits of adopting the Read, Write Inc. phonics programme and this week we had a Phonics specialist from the English Hub visit the school to check on the implementation of the programme and look at the progress that the children are making.

I fully understand that having the same RWI book bag book for longer periods of time may seem boring, but it is so that the children build up fluency and confidence with reading at their level. However, we will be having a box of library books that the children can choose themselves for you to share at home. Please record the book in their Reading Record and enjoy it together. The children will be able to change it for another when they want. Remember, every day that you sign their Reading Record will count towards their next reading band.

Thursday 14th November 2019 - Making Santa Sweets to sell at the Christmas Fair with the help of the Parent Forum volunteers.

Friday 8th November 2019

What a busy week we have had again. We have started learning our songs for the Christmas play, Lights, Camel, Action – the Sequin! The children are doing really well and will be learning the dances and running order over the next few weeks.

In Maths this week, we have been investigating 2D and 3D shapes and sorting them by their properties. In Science we have started looking at Seasonal Changes – Autumn into Winter and developing a stronger understanding of the seasons. Our fantastic music sessions with specialist from Penryn College has over the past few weeks taught the children about, beat, rythme, timbre, pitch, volume and pentatonic scales!

Friday 13th September 2019

We have thrown ourselves straight into our Topic this term, Bright Lights, Big City and finding out about London and the Great Fire. This week we have been looking at images of London in the past and present and talking about the similarities and differences. Our English work on the poem, Buckingham Palace by A.A. Milne is beginning to take shape with the children learning the poem well, we are hoping to perform it to the rest of KS1 or even KS2 in a few weeks time. In Maths we have been counting backwards and forwards with numbers to ten and explain how we know the answers. We have also been practising writing the numeral and writing the words. We have started our Science topic - Everyday Materials - looking at their properties.

Friday 5th July

What an exciting week it has been! We have been really blessed with the weather both for our sports day on Monday and our beach trip on Tuesday. The children did a brilliant job representing their houses on Monday afternoon, and we were so proud of them all. Thank you to all the parents and family members who came to support them.

We had a beautiful sunny day at the beach on Tuesday, with a range of activities during the day including sandcastle building, beach games, sketching and sorting beach finds. The day linked in perfectly with our Stories of the Sea topic, and following the trip we have used the experience as inspiration for writing poems in class. In our science lesson this week the children have been identifying and describing the characteristics of some ocean animals.

In maths this week we have been looking at time, beginning with using accurate language for sequencing events, and describing calendar dates. To support this learning at home, you can encourage children to look at a calendar and locate special dates such as birthdays, noticing days of the week and the orders of the months.