Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Mrs Jules Jenkins


Class Teachers
Mrs Champion

Kittiwakes - Reception

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Mrs Thomas

Sandpipers - Year 1

Senior Teacher, ICT Lead

Mrs Pearce

Curlews- Year 2

Senior Teacher, Key Stage 1 Leader, Maths Lead

Mrs Robinson

Cormorants- Year 3/4

PE Lead

Mrs Fisher

Puffins - Year 4/5

Senior Teacher (with responsibilities for the school in the absence of the head teacher)
Key Stage 2 Leader, English Lead

Mr Cruse

Herons - Year 5/6

Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Science Lead

Learning Support/Admin Staff
Mrs McCarthy

School Secretary

Mrs Furness

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Barnicoat

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Moody

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Griffiths

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Drysdale

Nursery Class Leader

Mrs Jones

Nursery TA

Mrs Barrett

Teaching Assistant/ SEN TA

Mrs Tremaine

Early Years Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cavill

Teaching Assistant

Laura Paget

Cook in Charge

Alison Liptrot

Assistant Cook

Mrs Nancholas

Lunchtime Supervisor, Breakfast & After School Club