Mrs Pearce

Class Teacher

Mrs Pearce teaches Curlew Class, which comprises of 23 Year 2 children.
Mrs Moody is Curlews' fabulous teaching assistant.
Have a look at our "Meet the Teacher!" presentation to gain information about Curlew staff and our school day

Homework in Year 2
At Mabe School, we feel that homework is an important part of each child's learning process. In Year 2, we ask that you support your children with the following activities and please don’t hesitate to come and see us if you need more clarification:

Please listen to your child read as frequently as possible. I cannot stress the importance of reading at home enough. We teach the skills at school and whilst we listen to the children read during guided reading sessions, within RWI lessons and on an individual basis where possible, we need your support at home. Daily is naturally ideal, but three times each week is essential. Remember that each daily read counts towards a karate band. Please talk to your child about the storyline, the meaning of words and ask them what might happen next. Book discussions are crucial and remember that literally decoding the words is only part of the reading process. Refer to the ''Dog Domain" bookmark in your child's reading record for tips on assisting with the reading process.

"Talk for Writing"

Help your child to explore and learn the English model texts. At Mabe School, we follow the "Talk for Writing" process, where pupils learn a text by heart (listen and imitate), then insert their own ideas into this framework (innovate) and finally imaginatively move away from the original (invent). Letters are sent home with the text attached and details about its features at the beginning of each unit. The vast majority of our texts are topic-linked. In the Autumn Term, we will begin with "Rapunzel."

Additional Tasks

At various points in the year we might ask for certain items, such as tuna tins for Christmas cakes. We will send a letter home, pop it on the whiteboard outside the classroom and make sure it is in the weekly newsletter. To coincide with certain topics, there might be additional tasks, such as completing Maisie and Dragon's diary entries.

Help your child to learn their spellings.  We send home a list of approximately 10 spellings related to Read Write Inc sounds or a spelling pattern for the week.  We explore and explain the spellings on a Tuesday and carry out a range of activities to help them internalise the words during the week. Handwriting practice is directly linked to the spelling list and provides another opportunity for children to familiarise themselves with each word.  Children are tested on their spellings on the following Monday.

Explore Mathletics and also the various Maths sites/APPs listed under the "Useful Websites" link at the top of the page.

Multiplication Challenge
Year 2 children take part in our "Multiplication Challenge." This involves learning crucial multiplication and division facts on a weekly basis. Research has suggested that children learn the tables in the following order to encourage them to make links between facts: 10 times table, 5 times table, 2 times table, 4 times table, 8 times table, 3 times table and then 6 times table. Once they know 10 x facts, they will be able to deduce 5 x facts by halving the 10 x facts.The children should learn the 2s, then 4s and then 8s in succession because each subsequent table is double the one before e.g. 2 x 3 = 6, so 4 x 3 = 12 (double 6) and 8 x 3 = 24 (double 12).

Knowing these facts supports many areas of Mathematics, such as fractions and area. In our classroom, we have a Multiplication Mountain display to show progress. The children start with their pictures under the mountain and then move up to x 10 and across to ÷ 10, up to x 5 and across to ÷ 5 and so on until they reach the top. Once they have gained their ÷ 3 certificate, they also receive 5 housepoints for perseverance. Please support your child in learning their multiplication and division facts.