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Our Going Green Exhibition December 2019
Princess Pavillion Christmas Trees December 2019
Cormorant Class have been busy making eco friendly Christmas tree decorations for Princess Pavillion in Falmouth. The trees are on display throughout December so come and have a look at our beautiful handiwork.
Developing Drawing Skills
November 2019
Harvest Preparation
October 2019
Daya's Sikhism Workshop
Wednesday 16th October 2019
Our Chocolate Exhibition
Tuesday 15th October 2019
Friday 11th October 2019

Cormorant Class had a brilliant visit to the Eden Project this week. We used our map reading skills to find treasure chests hidden around the rainforest biome. The chests contained costumes to dress up in and challenges to solve. We made rubbings of cacao leaves, drew the pods, solved maths questions and described chocolate. Our final challenge was to make up a short drama based on cacao and some of the characters we had met along the way. We earned (chocolate) prizes for completing the challenges and we are now officially recognised chocologists! Come in and have a look at our chocologist certificate proudly displayed in class!
Friday 4th October 2019

This week Cormorant Class have been researching the ancient Mayan civilisation – one of the earliest civilisations to enjoy chocolate. The Mayans used to drink a spicy hot cocoa drink flavoured with chilli peppers – quite different to how most of us enjoy today. We looked as the goddess of chocolate: Ixcacao. We also looked at Mayan masks. The masks were a symbol of Mayan gods and represented different spirits sometimes in the form of an animal. The children have started designing and making their own Mayan masks. We have got some very colourful and vibrant designs!
Friday 27th September 2019

Cormorant Class have been busy designing their own chocolate factory this week. They had some fantastic inventions including tree houses in chocolate trees, edible grass and chocolate waterfalls. The design work will feed into English where the children will describe their inventions and then rewrite a chapter from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory set in their factory. It was great to have so many fantastic photos and pictures on the children reading in some very unusual locations. We had some great discussions about where we like to read and the strangest places we've ever read a book. Mathletics is now fully up and running; it is a great resource and it reinforces what the children are learning in class. There are lots of place value activities on there at the moment. Your child's login details are in their yellow reading record book. Children who achieve Mathletics certificates are presented with these in the celebration assembly. Here is the link:
Friday 20th September 2019

This week we have been busy investigating whether carbon dioxide weighs anything or if it is weightless. The class set up their own experiments using fizzy drinks, scales and large bowls to determine the weight of carbon dioxide in different drinks. The children worked out they could reduce the carbon dioxide in the fizzy drinks by gently swirling them around. The children weighed the drinks before and after swirling and discovered that carbon dioxide does have a small weight. We also tasted the drinks to see if we could notice that they were less fizzy after swirling. In topic, we have been ordering a timeline of chocolate from the ancient Mayans drinking a cacao paste with chilli peppers to the different ways we enjoy chocolate today. We also looked at the process of making chocolate from bean to bar and how it ends up in our lunchboxes and corner shops. We learnt some different ways of greeting each other in French and accomplished some fantastic teamwork challenges in PE.